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Evening of The People Speak

Asma Hedi Nairi

Evening of The People Speak

Asma Nairi is researcher in Criminal Sciences and Parliamentarian in the International Youth Parliament of Water and Representative of Arab and African Youth - Tunis; she is also Co-founder of BINA MOVEMENT (an Arab network of NGOs).

Asma is a professor of law and political sciences as well as a researcher in criminal sciences and is a human rights activist in the Youth Commission, Amnesty International, Tunisia. She represents Africa and Middle East in the International Steering Committee of Youth Parliament for Water that will be held in France in March 2012. She played a major role in the students’ movements and peaceful protests during the revolution and she is in charge of the Youth Section in the Political Awareness Association established after the revolution to strengthen the value of citizenship. She was chosen as a reporter for Sulia network in Tunisia for year 2012, and is also an international trainer on election monitoring. Asma has written several literary and poetic works, some of which will be published in English with the literary works of African women writers by the end of this year with the initiative of the African Union.

 Asma  Hedi  Nairi