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Introducing the DEAF2012 program


The DEAF2012 thematic exhibition will explore The Power of Things with numerous high-impact artworks from artists and designers from around the world.


symposium Vital Beauty

This symposium focuses on the question of how the age-old notion of beauty can get a new meaning fit for the 21st century.



A unique format in which special guest curators, artists and theorists are invited to create their own a la carte evening.



The Power of ... will bring together artists and theorist in debates and workshops, and welcomes the industry in a network event format titled Meet the Scene.

Recently, textile's concept and materiality have been contested by new practices and techniques, such as 3D printing and biotechnology. Combining fashion and technology through craftsmanship brings new horizons to the fashion and technology paradigm in development. Read more ...


'Thing Power' refers to the notion that all the things in the world are not merely inert matter but causal forces that play decisive roles in events. In philosophy, there exists a longstanding debate on the nature of this power of things. Artists and designers seem to however explore and use this power on a daily basis. Read more ...




In collaboration with TodaysArt, Rewire, V2_ and WORM the DEAF2012 performance program presents club nights, immersive theatre and film.




The Spotlights are short bursts within the DEAF2012 program that explore themes relating to The Power of Things as well as involving a wider discourse.



In the Open Stage Events, DEAF's partners organize their own happenings at the festival. The stage is open to performances, book launches, content parties and pitches.