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Jan Klug

Jan Klug (Aachen, 1971)  is a composer and media designer with extensive experience in the use of computers and programming as creative tools for the creation of music performances and live video. He started as a musician, and graduated in 1999 in jazz saxophone at the Prins Claus Conservatory in Groningen. In parallel, Jan has developed a particular interest in the possibilities of creative computer programming.

As a musician, composer and media designer, Jan has worked on several projects in dance, theater and film. He has created numerous performances and concerts, blending acoustic and electronic music, video and programming - solo and in collaborations.

Starting 1996 as a permanent member of the Dutch group "Poets from Epibreren", Jan specialized in the musical accompaniment of poetry and literature, continued up to today through concerts with Dutch writer Christine Otten.

Since 2008, Jan is core teacher of the master study 'Interactive Media and Environments' (MFA IME) at the Frank Mohr Institute (FMI) of Academy Minerva in Groningen, an interdisciplinary programme of advanced education in computer-related media art and experimental art research.

Jan Klug