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23:00 - 05:00


DEAF & TodaysArt: 30Y V2_ , May 19

Whether you were a part of V2_'s unruly 1980's scene or only recently came across the Institute for the Unstable Media, you are invited to celebrate V2_'s 30th birthday at DEAF featuring the first appearance of Jimmy Edgar since the release of his new album on Hotflush, accompanied by a great live performance featuring the Dutch debut of his new L.E.D. Sync set-up. The venue will be drenched in audiovisual beauty by Noorderlicht010.

Co-curated by TodaysArt
DEAF and TodaysArt are proud to continue and expand their tradition of exchanging programs and ideas during the return of DEAF in 2012. For the
opening night on Wednesday the 16th of May and the closing night on Saturday the 19th of May DEAF collaborated with TodaysArt Sessions to bring you an excellent program consisting of music and audiovisual performances.



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DEAF & TodaysArt: 30Y V2_ , May 19
Photo: Linards Kulless