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12:00 - 17:00


Open Logo Design Session

Open logo design session with Piet Zwart Institute alumnus Emanuele Bonetti and the Kenniscentrum Creating 010, Hogeschool Rotterdam

Introducing Creating 010

Creating 010 is a new research center of Hogeschool Rotterdam (Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences). It is affiliated to the Willem de Kooning Academy and the Institute of Communication, Media and Information Technology and conducts applied research on new forms of interdisciplinary and project-oriented work in the creative sector: design, arts, media and IT. Open media and participatory design are chief concerns for Creating 010.

The experiment

Creating 010 and Designplatform Rotterdam invite designers to participate in a session where Creating 010’s logo is collaboratively designed in an Open Source, peer-to-peer process, without traditional team hierarchies. The workshop is coordinated by the Italian graphic designer Emanuele Bonetti who developed this methodology as his Masters project at the Piet Zwart Institute.

You are invited

Participants will include everyone who wants to participate, next to designers who research at Creating 010. The process includes collective brainstorming, visual research using Wiki-like software and group negotiations towards an end product. If the logo developed in this process will be adopted by Creating 010, a fee of 1000 Euro will be split among all external participants. There will be free catering and lunch during the workshop.


We kindly ask everyone who wants participate to send an informal E-Mail in advance to, no later than on Monday, May 14th. For logistical reasons, a maximum of twelve people can participate in the session. All participants are asked to bring their own laptops; WORM’s WiFi will be used.

Open Logo Design Session