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The Mushroom Death Suit - Jae Rhim Lee

The Infinity Burial Suit (aka the Mushroom Death Suit) facilitates the decomposition and toxin remediation of corpses by using mushrooms (the Infinity Mushroom) which are trained to digest human tissue.

A human body can contain up to 219 toxic pollutants, including pesticides, heavy metals and preservatives, according to scientific research. Mushroom Death Suit facilitates the decomposition and partial toxin remediation of corpses using a suit of fungi collectively called the Infinity Mushrooms. Lee is training these fungi to consume her own body tissue and excretions (skin, hair, nails, blood, bone, fat, tears, urine, feces and sweat) as part of her Infinity Burial Project. Mushroom Death Suit consists of a base layer of cotton and a top layer of netting embedded with mushroom spores and mycelium, which allows the fungi to grow and spread across the body. The suit is accompanied by the ‘Alternative Embalming Fluid’, a liquid spore slurry that allows spores to develop and grow inside the body.


The Mushroom Death Suit  -  Jae Rhim Lee
Jae Rhim Lee - Mushroom Death Suit