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DEAF is Back !

The Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) is an international and interdisciplinary biennial that focuses on art, technology and society. DEAF presents a wide range of program segments, including a large exhibition of interactive artworks and installations.

DEAF will feature concerts, performances, seminars, workshops and an academic symposium. The festival is characterized by a thematic approach. Its aim is to bring current developments and themes around art in our technological culture to a diverse audience.

DEAF is an international festival focusing on art and media technology, and it can be regarded as a showcase for research for and production of new media art (some specially commissioned). This festival in Rotterdam is the ideal place for representatives of various networks to meet and inspire each other, and for international critical debate to take place.

DEAF is Back !
Olafur Eliasson, Notion motion, 2005, foto: Bob Goedewaagen