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DEAF exhibition @Post: A ballet of shapes and colors

For its 2012 edition the DEAF exhibition will be held inside Rotterdam’s former post office, located on the Coolsingel Avenue.

This emblematic neoclassical building will fittingly house the upcoming Dutch Electronic Art Festival exhibition centered on the theme “The Power of Things.”

The festival will explore self-organizing systems, food production, architecture, smart materials, Nano technology and augmented reality, through the artwork of creative minds like Christien Meindertsma, Philip Beesley, Kianoosh Motallebi and Roman Kirschner, to name just a few.

Located in the heart of Rotterdam, the stark building with its somber and massive façade hides a bright and spectacular 22.50 meter-high central hall.

Brace yourselves; upon entering DEAF exhibition you will at once be carried to a whole new dimension where media art and architecture coexist in a violent and harmonious commingling-- a beautiful ballet of shapes and colors.

DEAF exhibition @Post: A ballet of shapes and colors