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DEAF2012 educates!

DEAF2012 offers an elaborate education program. The educational program will take place in connection with the exhibition The Power of Things in the former postoffice at the Coolsingel.

Besides tours of the exhibition, DEAF will offer different workshops for secondary schools and MBO in collaboration with NIMk (Dutch Media Art Institute) and Digital Playground.


Pupils of secondary schools and students of MBO, HBO, and universities visit the DEAF-expo where they are introduced to contemporary art in the field of technology.


Students create robots with recycled materials. Each student can bring his or her robot home.

Workshop Electronic Jewelry:

Students make a technological jewel using light or sound that can be attached to their clothing, shoes, or bags.

Film Workshop The Power of Things:

DEAF Students visiting the exhibition have the option to make a short film in the Digital Playground workshop area.

Are you interested and you want to participate with your school class? Contact our education department: e-mail

DEAF2012 educates!
Image: NIMk