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An evening of... ArtMeatFlesh!

A snack? Do not worry; in vitro burger on its way to you. Or is it? The theme of ‘The Evening Of SymbioticA’ is “ArtMeatFlesh”.

An Iron Chef style evening will pitch a philosopher against a scientist and a gastronomical artist against a law artist in a battle for supremacy over the secret ingredients of (semi-) living meat without a body. An evening full of translation of proteins, behavioral changes versus technical solutions, and amnesia...

The evening will get fleshy on meat, with in vitro meat growers, philosophers, and artists. SymbioticA director Oron Catts - the first person to co-grow and co-eat in-vitro meat - will host some of the most eccentric figures in the eat-lab-meat debate, and might even serve a portion of meat-like substance to the audience.

An evening of... ArtMeatFlesh!