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Ideophone 1 - Dick Raaymakers

In the early seventies, Dick Raaymakers developed three installations, the Ideophones, in which loudspeakers ‘spoke’ rather than passively transmitting someone else’s messages. In each, the output signal was sent back to the speaker via a feedback loop, creating violent pulses. Two Ideophones were recently restored to their original state. Raaymakers is a multifaceted artist who has created many electronic compositions, ‘instruction pieces’ for string ensembles, phonokinetic objects, ‘graphic methods’ for tractors and bicycles, works of art, music-scenic compositions and music theater productions. Most of his works are one-time events that cause a discharge of energy that is magnified in a moment for which the perceiver must be present, but the Ideo-phones constitute an enduring museum installation, though their behavior is fundamentally unpredictable.


This work is represented by the V2_ Agency

Ideophone 1  - Dick Raaymakers
Dick Raaymakers - Ideophone 1