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Protocell Field - Philip Beesley

Philip Beesley is a pioneer whose architectural breakthroughs have earned him international acclaim. Perhaps best known for his extensive contributions to architectural environments that mimic life processes, Beesley envisions a building that keeps adjusting slowly and logically in response to its surroundings, almost as if it’s conscious and alive. Art and technology, when designed in this way, allow the creator to transcend the limitations of traditional schools of thought that focus on subject/object, organic/inorganic, static/dynamic and other binary models. The Hylozoic Series presents Philip Beesley’s work through fully realized physical fragments and high-resolution video projections. It’s an immersive, interactive environment that moves and breathes around its viewers, creating an environment that can ‘feel’ and ‘care’. In his work, Beesley conducts research into the next-generation artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and interactive technology that have the power to create the dominant aesthetic of 21stcentury landscapes.

Philip Beesley will contextualize his work in The Evening of Philip Beesley (see p. 42) and speak at the Vital Beauty symposium.

Protocell Field  -  Philip Beesley
Philip Beesley - Protocell Field