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DEAF2012 + TodaysArt = Nightly Electronic Adventure

When it comes to partying we definitely say the more the merrier! Therefore we are very happy to announce our partnership with our good friends from The Hague: TodaysArt!

Combining organizations like DEAF and TodaysArt means two nights full of electronic adventures. The opening night on the 16th of May will bring audiovisual pleasures by Noorderlicht 010 combined with fine tunes from Egyptrixx  [CA - Night Slugs], Coco Bryce [NL - Lowriders Collective] and Ruwe Data [NL - Lowriders Collective]

The closing party on the 19th of May will bring even more delight as V2_ will join the party as well. It’s their 30th year anniversary so don’t miss it!  The tentative line-up for the evening: Jimmy Edgar [US - Warp / Hotflush] Live - L.E.D. Sync Performance - Noorderlicht010 [NL] Visuals.

Many more names will follow soon so stay tuned!

DEAF2012 + TodaysArt = Nightly Electronic Adventure
Image: Marc Mikaelin