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Off the beaten track with Terra Nova by Crew

DEAF 2012 welcomes CREW - Terra Nova with open arms. Terra Nova is a live art piece that combines theater and live performance.

What is the self? What is reality if it can be so simply manipulated? What is this reality of seeing, hearing, and moving in space, if my body allows itself to be diverted so easily?

Terra Nova’s directors Eric Joris and Stefe De Paepe made the crazy bet to transcribe R. F. Scott’s fatal expedition to the South Pole in 1911 into an hybrid performance. They mix theater and digital media that question and redefine commonly accepted performative parameters.

The performance is the result of an intensive year of research and accumulated know-how. The utmost fact about the performance is the involvement of the public. Unlike conventional theater play, Terra Nova places the public at the center of the device. The audience becomes the protagonist of the action. The immersive theater of CREW is the art of immediacy, binding its viewer to start questioning about his or her own self.

CREW gets off the beaten track and offers a unique experience involving performance art, media technology and a metaphysical approach of the human condition.

Off the beaten track with Terra Nova by Crew
Image: Crew_online