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DEAF2012 Spotlights: Short bursts of Awesomeness!

Rotating around DEAF2012 are thematic spotlights, which allow for substantial exploration into the “Power of Things”.

These short bursts are divided into nine different events during three consecutive days.Our aim is to present the multifaceted aspects of today’s media art through a large ranges of subjects, mediums, and guest.

The spotlights will explore the spectrum of today’s media art and tomorrow’s direction, ranging from a panel discussion about the situation of art in today’s economical crisis, to “Curators’ Conversations” giving us an overview of some of the most inspiring upcoming events in media art’s cultural agenda. Pass by a residency opportunity in V2_Institute for the Unstable Media. Discuss key issues in groundbreaking theater with CREW, performing Terra Nova. Or attend book presentations such as “Bastards or Playmate”, bringing together international scholars and artists speaking about the mutation of media art.

These events will be occur between May 17th and May 19th, offering us the keys to a full appreciation of media art’s development.

Oh! We forgot a very an important point here- access to all of the spotlights are free!

So, one last thing- Enjoy.

DEAF2012 Spotlights: Short bursts of Awesomeness!
Spotlight: Lab Collaborations: Panel discussion and Beyond Data book launch