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Ears are Vital

DEAF is proud to present Jimmy Edgar as part of our performance program. This precocious prodigy started experimenting electronic music at the age of 10

Edgar is a keen musician, deeply inspired by the musical styles of his hometown Detroit, namely Jazz, Funk, and R&B. He climbed to the forefront of this decade’s electronic music spectrum and is eventually recognized for his releases on Warp, Steve Bug’s poker flat, Citinite and Isophlux.

Can’t wait? Check out Jimmy Edgar on soundcloud

Needless to say that Edgar’s profile matches the DEAF performance program’s aim, which focuses on collaborations between disciplines, the material agency of instruments and the vital beauty of improvisation.

Beware not to miss the embodied result of Vital: performances, music and club nights distributed between three famous venues in Rotterdam, Worm, Schouwburg and V2_Institute for the Unstable Media.

Ears are Vital
Image: Jimmy Edgar photography