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The People Speak is back!

After their spectacular performance, last year at V2_, we knew one thing for sure: The People Speak had to come back for the DEAF festival! The legendary British collective that excels in organizing various original discussion platforms around the world will have its own Evening Of … on May 17.

Enjoy this exciting evening about the true meaning of democracy! Expect international guests who’ve been active in the heart of the Arab Spring and a fresh edition of their popular game show Who Wants to Be ...? In this dazzling game show the audience decides in a 100% democratic manner how to spent the entire revenue of the evening. Is it a horse, a forest or will it go to charity? Do you have a good idea or project and are you in need for funding? Come to The evening of The People Speak and get the prize!


The People Speak - DEAF2012 from V2_ on Vimeo.

In the meantime, enjoy this video where the people from Rotterdam declare what they should do with a 1000 Euro. Pay special attention to the former “cat catcher” he might need the money!

The People Speak is back!